100% Cotton Oxford Canvas Fabric, 20×20+20/100×50, 20×16+16/100×50

100% Cotton Oxford Canvas

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Oxford cloth is a type of woven fabric used to make dress shirt & pant. It is a basket-weave fabric that is sometimes used to make Oxford shirts, which can be worn in both formal and casual settings. Oxford fabric’s widespread appeal stems from its versatile design and high production volume. Cotton yarn is formerly the primary fiber used in making Oxford weave, but presently a wide variety of alternative fibers, including polyester, viscose, and other synthetic fibers, are employed.

Two woven yarns were mixed with a yarn with a higher grammage, which makes the fabric both smooth and soft. Pinpoint Oxford is a kind of Oxford fabric that is made with finer yarn and a tighter basket weave, making it softer and smoother than regular Oxford cloth.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Scotland was the center of textile manufacturing across all of Europe. One mill, the identity of which is not known, was attempting to perfect some innovative weaves. They introduced four new products into the market and named them after the four most prestigious educational institutions of the time: Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford. However, the manufacture of Oxford cloth has continued right up to the present day, in contrast to the other three weaves, which were discontinued since they did not prove to be particularly popular.



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